CardiLink is a system devised for organisations with multiple CardiAid AED units allowing each device to be remotely monitored.

Employers can save their staff time and energy with our product monitoring. CardiLink software displays the status of your devices in a dashboard in real time and analyzes your data for the long-term monitoring and quality reports. Alarms and any occurring issues will be reported to you before the product will be used with a patient. CardiLink can also provide Data Analytics of your product for clinical studies.

What are the benefits of using CardiLink™? 

Daily updates on the readiness of you CardiAid AED units

SMS alerts when any of the devices are in motion

Connects to as many CardiAid AED’s as required

Expert advice on CardiAid AED safe zones and device placement

Reporting to your own IT system via API integration

CardiAid compleet

            Always ready

           Automated QMS


   Emergency Notifications

       Uptime Guarantee

           GPS Geofence

       Fleet Management

More information?

CardiLink ™ is a trademark of Cardilink GmbH, Henkestraße 91, 91052 Erlangen, Germany